How to Generate password automatically using Powershell

Generate  password using Powershell will be very easy.It will helps in the automation process which have Password field.


By default above funtion will generate 9 digit digital number(406284808) randomly.

We can use Get-Random funtion to generate the customized password as per our requirment.


  1. 6jbUs4:3PrZ@G<fc17?MYH2>RhxwXEyTd;8aOoB=VJ8vm      44-Digit password
  2. qMKeiA4h0bRsl     12-Digit password

We can customize the password with Alphabets,Digits and Numerics.

Example 1:


([char[]]([char]56..[char]64) + [char[]]([char]65..[char]90) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122)) + 0..9 | sort {Get-Random})[0..12] -join ”



Above code will generate the 12digit password which contain all SpecialCharacters, Alphabets,Digits and Numerics.

ASCII Valuse which use for password generation

#65 -> 90 :: A -> Z   —— [char[]]([char]65..[char]90)
#97 -> 122 :: a -> z   —— ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122))
#56 -> 64 :: Special Characters  [char[]]([char]56..[char]64)

Example 2:


([char[]]([char]65..[char]90) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122)) + 0..9 | sort {Get-Random})[0..12] -join ”



Above code will generate the 12digit password which contain all Alphabets,Digits and Numerics.


Based on the length of the password , change the number.

{Get-Random})[0..12]   — 12 digit length password

{Get-Random})[0..24]  — 24 digit length password


Using above code in the script is very easy. Just assign the code to one variable and use the varibale.

$Password= ([char[]]([char]56..[char]64) + [char[]]([char]65..[char]90) + ([char[]]([char]97..[char]122)) + 0..9|
sort {Get-Random})[0..12] -join '' 



Generate Password


Note: To learn more about Get-Random function, Please click below link.
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